Everything I post, I create. ...or help create.
Everything I post, I create. ...or help create.
Actually out here. @tollybandz
Colored my dreads today! Love how they turned out. 🙌
The new @dailybreadpa camp caps/bucket hats are going to be too dope. Pattern addicts.
Christ almighty. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the sunset from 30,000ft in the air. So beautiful. What a trip man.
"On the way to the airport and I don’t wanna leave California" face.
A city of burning people with hopes and dreams higher than angels. LA.  (at Runyon Canyon Hike Trail)
My last day in LA well spent at Runyon Canyon. What a trip it was. I’ll see you again sooner rather than later California. Pittsburgh tomorrow! (at Runyon Canyon - Los Angeles / Hollywood)
Malibu photo shoots. 🙌
El Matador beach in Malibu. Damn.
Jurassic Palms.  (at Redondo Beach, Cali)
Independence Day sunset over Hermosa Beach California this evening. So beautiful! 🙏 I’ve had such an awesome experience out here in LA and met so many wonderful and creative people. Absolutely moving out here and am very excited to come back! Flight to the Pittsburgh grind on Monday. See you soon humidity.  (at Hermosa Beach)
July 4th sunset. Hermosa beach California. Wow.  (at Hermosa Beach)
Look who I found in Hermosa! @monezbonezz Chambersburg Native!
Hermosa beach is insane right now.  (at Hermosa Beach Pier)
Free. Way. (at 405 Freeway)