Everything I post, I create. ...or help create.
Everything I post, I create. ...or help create.
OG hater blockers birthday selfie. 👓🎉
Outlooks and Overlooks. What a beautiful day.
Fireworks at PNC park on Saturday night. Beautiful, no fugging filter.
Eastern Easter Evening.
Happy Holidaze.
Last night was great. Got to see the Buccos with the fam, fireworks over the city, then topped it off with a Riff Raff show. My birthdays is on Wednesday and I am feeling content yet also so hungry! I shall continue to create. Happy Easter and 4/20 you heathens!
5 month dreadlock anniversary update. Life is moving so damn fast, been trying to keep up. …Swear I’m not wearin tye dye on purpose. I
Out here at @theplugmedia shootin for this Toronto show. #getconnected. @choogotyourbeer
Currently snowing and 34 degrees in Pittsburgh. Just tryna stay bright. 🍊
What a great location. Thanks for the photo @dailybreadowl ! Shootin for @dailybreadpa Spring Line.
Wavy rooftop nights.
Seen @larryfisherman perform a lot of times but tonight was definitely the most entertaining. Great job man.